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Today’s changing world of retail has brought about tremendous changes, prompting existing retailers to rethink and reinvent their approach towards consumers, to reconfigure their retail operations and tap on emerging e-commerce platforms to stay relevant.

With the rise of digital and social media platforms, the retail industry is undergoing a fascinating transformation from the traditional ‘brick & mortar’ concept to an omni-channel immersive space. The retail scene is ever so robust and in order to keep up with the changes and continue to captivate the customer’s attention, one would need to understand the retail industry and identify where the opportunity lies. Learning the challenges of the retail environment and the basics on operating a retail business will help you start on the right footing, sustain your business and turn your passion into tangible profits.

  • What can retailers learn from those thriving in the new-era digital retail world?
  • How can retailers adapt to the contemporary retail landscape and the changing consumer needs?
  • How can retailers apply the knowledge accumulated and put it in concrete action?

Specifically designed for individuals who are planning to start or build a retail business, business owners and budding retail entrepreneurs, these sessions will prepare you to create economic and social value in your business.

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